Sonic Pidgin is a duo consisting of two experienced South Shore musicians who have lots of fun playing around the Boston, South Shore, Cape Cod & Rhode Island Music Scenes. With only a singing guitarist and a singing cajon player, these musicians have a knack for creating a fun atmosphere with a big sound that audiences continue to enjoy!

Sonic Pidgin specializes in all types of music! From upbeat Beach Funk to Classic Rock and 80's & 90's rock to current radio hits, this group knows how to keep audiences happy while creating a cool vibe for your event or establishment! 

If you want to create a fun experience for your guests, Sonic Pidgin is professional, reliable, and ready to rock!

Chris is an original recording & performing artist whose charismatic personality, along with his guitar and vocal talents, keeps audiences entertained and returning for more! He enjoys mixing things up so audiences hear refreshing interpretations of popular music with a cool & upbeat vibe. His ability to play multiple styles of music from various decades keeps audiences smiling & dancing because he always finds a way to make an evening of live music catchy and pleasing to the ear!

[Vocals & Cajon]
 Brent C Music

Brent is a master of the bass and a lover of all things that have a groove. In addition to his impressive 4-string and 5-string skills, he also loves to bring that groove factor to the cajon & percussive side of things. When he is not playing bass and touring with 21 Grams More, he loves to create groovy rhythms that continue to make audiences dance & enjoy the moment!