Formerly known as Sonic Pidgin, THE OCCASIONAL RUCKUS evolved into a rock band from the South Shore, Massachusetts. With a combination of energetic rock music, smooth vocals, and some bluesy, psychedelic elements, this group provides an atmosphere that audiences enjoy! Catch them playing around the South Shore & Rhode Island Music Scenes.

Along with his guitar and vocal talents, Chris is a humble and charismatic personality who keeps audiences entertained and returning for more! His ability to fuse multiple styles of music adds to the unique sound of THE OCCASIONAL RUCKUS, including rock, blues, punk, reggae, and psychedelic elements.

[Vocals & Bass]
 Brent C Music

Brent is a master of the bass and a lover of groove-oriented music. From Belgium to Massachusetts, Brent brings an awesome energy to THE OCCASIONAL RUCKUS. You can also catch him playing with 21 Grams More, a blues-rock band based out of Worcester, MA and Boston, MA.